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Meet Your Facilitators

Our team of dedicated facilitators is here to serve and support you on your healing journey. We understand that participating in a retreat is a deeply personal and transformative experience, and our facilitators are committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and inclusive space for all guests.

Arron Alphonso - B·M·S Healing Retreats Shaman, Lead Ceremony Facilitator & Integration Guide


Shamanic Practitioner, Lead Ceremony Facilitator & Integration Guide

Arron Alphonso is the Founder of B·M·S Healing Retreats, a seasoned medicine man with extensive experience in guiding and participating in a wide array of plant medicine ceremonies, including Ayahuasca, Psilocybin (Magic) Mushrooms, San Pedro/Huachuma Cactus, Iboga, and more. His transformative journey began in 2018 when a single plant medicine retreat miraculously healed his brain after enduring deep post-concussive symptoms for nine long years. This profound experience unveiled his true purpose, leading him to become an ardent student of psychedelic medicine, where he embarked on a remarkable journey of healing and growth, rejuvenating his mind, heart, body, and soul. Over the years, Arron has undergone rigorous training under various shamanic lineages and practices, shaping him into a knowledgeable and compassionate guide. Today, he passionately dedicates his life's work to authentically serving others from the depths of his heart, sharing the healing power of plant medicine with those in need.

Maeva Greco - Eastern Medicine Practicioner & B·M·S Healing Retreat Coordinator


Eastern Medicine Practitioner, Ceremony Facilitator & Retreat Coordinator

Maeva Greco is a Traditional Eastern Medicine practitioner and co-founder of B∙M∙S Healing Retreats. Her profound journey into the realm of plant medicine has been the cornerstone of her personal healing, addressing both emotional and physical disorders. Today, her passion lies in creating a nurturing and secure environment where others can embark on their own transformative healing journeys. Collaborating closely with her life partner, Arron, Maeva plays an integral role in facilitating plant medicine ceremonies. Her culinary skills are imbued with love and intention as she prepares meals for retreat participants, enhancing the holistic experience. Additionally, Maeva oversees all aspects of retreat logistics, ensuring that every detail is harmoniously orchestrated to provide a seamless and enriching healing encounter for all involved. With a heart full of compassion and dedication, she is committed to guiding others towards profound healing and self-discovery.

John Cross - Elemental Breakthrough Breathwork Facilitator


Elemental Breathwork Facilitator

John Cross is an Elemental Breathwork Facilitator with a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth. His journey began in his late teens when he embarked on the path of meditation, a practice that has remained a foundation of his life ever since. Throughout the years, John delved into profound spiritual exploration, guided by the conscientious use of entheogenic plant medicines. These experiences added rich layers to his spiritual understanding and deepened his connection to the universe. However, it was his encounter with "Elemental Awakening Breathwork" that sparked a transformative shift in John's life. This pivotal moment inspired him to pursue extensive training as a facilitator in this modality. Today, John is dedicated to serving as the empathic guide on your breathwork journey, offering unwavering presence and support as you navigate the transformative potential of your breath.

Discover Body∙Mind∙Soul Healing Retreats

In this exclusive video, you'll catch a glimpse of the essence that defines our retreats – a harmonious blend of holistic healing, self-exploration, and genuine connection. Journey alongside our experienced team, dedicated to creating an immersive and enriching experience for every guest.

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