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Private Healing Ceremonies

Not quite ready for a group retreat? No problem! Our private ceremonies are designed to cater to your individual needs, providing a sacred space for profound inner exploration and self-healing. Whether you seek a personalized experience to address specific aspects of your journey or simply prefer a more intimate setting, our private sessions are customized to align with your intentions, guiding you through a transformative experience that respects your pace and preferences.

Preparation Coaching

Before your private healing ceremony, our experienced facilitators will provide personalized coaching to help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We'll discuss your intentions, address any concerns, and ensure you feel supported on this journey.

Plant-Assisted Healing Ceremony

Immerse yourself in a 1:1 healing ceremony with medicinal mushrooms. Our experienced guides will design a ceremony tailored to your intentions, creating a safe and nurturing space for deep inner work. Feel free to share the intimate experience of a private ceremony with a close friend, family member, or partner – you're more than welcome to do so. To maintain a personal and intimate atmosphere, we limit the number of guests to 2, ensuring that the ceremony remains a deeply connected and meaningful journey for all guests.

Integration Session

Following the ceremony, engage in an integration session with our facilitators. They will provide guidance and support as you process and integrate the insights gained during your journey, helping you bridge the gap between the sacred experience and your everyday life.

Alone Time & Reflection

Embrace moments of solitude and reflection by a calming fire. Journal your experiences, connect with the energy of nature, and allow the integration process to unfold naturally.

High Vibrational Meal

Enjoy a healthy meal designed to nourish your body and spirit. Our culinary offerings are crafted with intention, providing a harmonious continuation of your healing journey.

Overnight Accommodations

For those who wish to extend their stay, a space to sleep is available and a light breakfast is offered.

Digital Detox

Disconnect from electronics and immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Feel the freedom of letting go of external distractions and cultivating a deeper connection with your inner self.

Step into this transformative experience with an open heart and a willingness to explore the depths of your being. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive, and welcoming space for your healing journey.

Book a Free Discovery Call

Let's chat to explore our offerings further, connect, and answer any questions you may have. No obligations, just open-hearted conversation and possibility!

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