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B·M·S Healing Retreat Center Driveway


B·M·S Healing Retreats are dedicated to the holistic healing of body, mind, and spirit. Through the practices of self-observation, conscious recognition, and transformative modalities, we facilitate profound healing experiences.


Our curated retreats and shamanic services are designed to gently guide you towards opening your heart, purifying the mind, and rediscovering your authentic self. Through plant-assisted healing ceremonies, we aim to address the core of your suffering, offering a path to profound inner transformation and lasting well-being.

B·M·S Healing Retreat - Sound Bath


Discovering who we truly are and re-connecting with the unconditional love that lies deep in our hearts, is what can bring us the most unshakable feeling of inner peace and alignment with our purpose. That is the primary intention that permeates through all of the offerings at our retreats.


Integration is the most important part of the process. Our experienced Integration Guide is here to help you integrate and understand your experiences, and assist you in applying this wisdom into your life. Integration guidance and support is provided during and after every healing ceremony. 

B·M·S Healing Retreats - Integration Guidance
"I cannot speak highly enough about BMS Healing Retreats! This team and the people I've met along my journey are so supportive, committed to personal growth, and have had such an impact on changing my perspective for the better"

Brad W.

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